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About Us

With experience and existence of 35 years in the rice industry, we have introduced the firm S.K.FOODS (formerly known as SATISH KUMAR). Over the years our generations have delivered exceptional quality of rice with unwavering commitment. Our enterprising partners are KUNAL DHAWAN, KANCHAN DHAWAN &RUCHIKA DHAWAN.

Our vision is to be the most trusted brand in the global market. The rice in our mill is manufactured from the finest quality of paddy purchased from farmers and processed with the most progressive milling technology keeping the nutrition intact.

“We specialize in 1121 steam rice,1401 steam rice, and 1509 steam rice under the brand names AMINA XXXL, AMINA Supreme, and AMINA Royal respectively. The name AMINA means “FAITHFUL”.As the name suggests we, S.K.FOODS, insist on integrity and loyalty in all aspects of the business.”


ALGON RICE is a renowned rice producer among the top rice brands in India with excellent performance on all grounds, offering a range of the best organic rice varieties. Providing easy to cook, mouth-watering, and lavish rice varieties which are ideal for preparing from cooked fried rice and pudding to rice salads, we wish to conquer the mouth and hearts of people around the globe. We have an excellent experience for making your every meal into an elegant delicacy with varieties of appetizing rice.

Passion and patience are the two virtues we have nurtured over the years with our thriving business and reaching our future goals. As one of the top rice brands of India we excel in all fields, so be it the appearance, taste, texture, or aroma of Basmati rice. Our main goal is to supply the finest quality rice varieties around the globe.

Our Quality

Quality is the watchword in production of rice from paddy. The customer satisfaction from preparation of from rice drives us in our commitment towards highest quality.

  •  Agricultural produce grading and marketing rules of 1937.
  •  General grading and marketing rules of 1988.
  •  ALGON Brand Agmark Rice gives pure white rice and tasty food.
  •  High Nutritional Value And Exceptional taste
  •  Supreme Quality And Fine Natural Aroma